Day 4

Femme Fatale – The Inner Circle of Women in Journalism


Considered one of the most dangerous jobs to do anywhere around the world, Journalism has seen its fair-share of censorship and intrusion. However, times are changing and on the forefront of it all are the powerful female journalists who are bringing about a new narrative forward. Exploring such changes in the industry and the role female journalist play, the seminar will discuss the present and future of the ever-changing industry.



Zoya Anwer Naqvi (The News International)

Fatima Niazi (Herald, Dawn Media Group)

Manal Faheem Khan (The News International)

Zoha Tunio (Newsline Magazine)(M)


Celebrity Mechanisms – The World of PR


The world of public relations has changed the concept of what it means to be a ‘celebrity,’ and the rise of influencers and product endorsements are a clear proof of it. However, how has the mechanisms of PR affected the whole media industry altogether? To explore this, the seminar invites upon PR mavens, film producers, actors and journalists to question how the industry fares with PR as a central force.



Samra Muslim

Tehmina Khaled

Imran Raza Kazmi

Ali Rehman Khan

Shahjehan Saleem (M)