Day 3

Narratives across Digital Spheres

The world of entertainment and storytelling has seen a seismic shift with the advent of digital technologies becoming mainstream. Exploring this change, the seminar will explore how artistes around Pakistan and around the globe are using this shift to create newer markets for their craft.




Ali Gul Pir

Gul Zaib Shakeel (Teeli, Dawn group)

George Fulton

Dolly Singh (iDiva India)

Akbar Chaudry (M)



Tina Sani – A Tour De Force


Bringing with her decades of experience in the music industry of Pakistan, one of the most mellifluous voices of the nation, Tina Sani, holds a seminar about her experiences in the industry, while also commenting on the current state of the musical world and where it’s headed.




Tina Sani

Taimur Suri (M)


Films, Narratives, and Karachi


A decade after the revival of Pakistani cinema, the film industry is trying to explore newer narratives through their craft. Exploring such winds of change and the effect it has had on the flourishing industry, the seminar will explore film and narratives’ future in Pakistan, and the role Karachi’s diverse storytelling has played.



Kamal Khan

Nabeel Qureshi

Fizza Ali Meerza

Habib Peracha

Sadia Jabbar

Bee Gul

Babar Sheikh (M)