Day 1

Keynote Speech by Sultana Siddiqui


Discussing the media landscape of Pakistan, iconic media magnate Sultana Siddiqui of HUM Media Group will be opening the annual Zab Media Festival. The speech will be bringing into discourse the present directions of the Pakistani entertainment industry, and what the future may hold.



Sultana Siddiqui


Indus Blues screening


A film unlike any other, Indus Blues in an exploration of the diverse musical cultures meandering around the River Indus, where over 70 spoken languages find their deep roots. However, despite the richness of the various cultures flourishing along the mighty river, their sounds have faded to the background in a world dominated by modern musical instruments.

Bringing awareness to the age-old musical traditions of the land and its state in the modern world, Filmmaker Jawad Sharif takes us on a journey spanning a thousand miles from the Karakoram Mountains to the southern coastline, capturing the little-known ethnic, linguistic, and musical diversity and humanism of the cultures of the Indus.



Jawad Sharif